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The Historic Oasis Of Mara

It's breakfast time at the historic Oasis Of Mara.
I'm sat beside the pool
reading Fante
and day-dreaming about the touch of a good woman.
Bill is underneath the awning, fixing himself a cup of Joe.
Bill's been in the High Desert since 1974;
since the U.S military chose to station him here.
His father fought and died in Korea.
Bill just couldn't help himself.
Before he knew it, he'd fallen in love
with the sidewinders and the jackrabbits
and the Californian Fan Palms.
He's been resident in Twentynine Palms these past 22 years.
Time sure flies when you're having fun.
Bill started growing his latest beard back in March.
By December it will be big and thick and white and fluffy.
Just perfect for his annual role as the local Santa Claus.
The kids of the Morongo Basin will lap it up.
And on New Year's Eve, Bill will shave off the beard
and wait till Springtime to start over.

29 Palms Inn