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50,000-Odd Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong. Can They???

I had a clear choice tonight;
the Santa Fe Centre Of Contemporary Arts in
The Royal City of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi,
or The Galtymore Irish Social Club on Cricklewood Broadway.
Naturally, I chose the later.
Instead of the yucca flowers and the broken mesas,
I chose to come and watch an
ambling rambling shuffling shambling
creased crumpled cantankerous
non-sensical Illegible mumbling
50-year-old Mancunian strut his stuff.
Santa Fe is revered for its Pueblo Revival Style architecture.
And sure, while it may also possess
the oldest mission in the United States
and be blessed with arguably the
greatest sunsets anywhere in the known world,
it doesn’t have anything quite like Mark Edward Smith.
For he’s a true one-off.
And to hell with the mould.
Broken or otherwise.
Normal Social Club service will be resumed next week;
just in time for the annual Galway Association Dinner Dance.

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