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Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up

See there; a mock orgy in the High Desert.
A 20-mule team from Joe Chaikin’s Open Theater
writhe around in the arid sand and volcanic dust.
Amidst the Playas and the Stardunes. Amongst the fossilized
remains of mastodons and camels and old gold prospectors.
And you may dig it. Or you may choose not to.
But the sun is beating down on them. And, man, it’s pretty far out.
And man, it may also be in possible violation of The Mann Act of 1910.
The Girl is wearing turquoise. The Boy has a loaded pistol in his sock.
Howls of derision await them. The front
cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine awaits them.
Marriage to Dennis Lee Hopper for one.
Death in the state penitentiary for the other.
Listen there; can you hear the sound of Jerry Garcia
swirling amongst those convex badland convolutions?
Roscoe Holcomb, John Fahey and The Pink Floyd too?
But stay tuned brothers and sisters, for there are going to be fireworks.
And then some. In Peckinpah slow-motion. And from multiple angles.
Using miniatures. And long-lenses. And the pages
of that there National Geographic
will be left a-blowing in the wind.

Mark Frechette and Daria Halprin TV Interview

Final scene from Michelangelo Antonioni's 'Zabriskie Point'



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