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Who Lives In A Cave Like This?

A decidedly ramshackle and dustblown kind of place,
the crumbling old Moorish settlement of Guadix
was once famed for its silver and its cutlery.
These days it’s better known for its unique approach to town planning.
For the good folk of Guadix have long preferred
simple limestone over simple bricks and simple mortar.
As the name might suggest, the Barrio Troglodyte
is more termite Hooverville than Barratt Home housing estate.
Upwards of half the population still live out here,
subterraneanly; in an extensive network of suburban caves.
Like Haywards Heath, but overrun with
Hobbit smials constructed from Barbapappa plastique.
The best burrows around boast running water,
central heating, en-suite bathrooms and satellite TV.
There are washing lines, pot plants and net curtains.
But for me, it all feels a little too much like sleeping in a catacomb.
A catacomb decorated by your least favourite auntie.

Chez Jean & Julia

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